Where can I find my signed documents?

Select your device from below and follow the steps.

Once a document has been signed by all parties requested, it will be in your portal and you can review it at any time.

To view your signed documents:

1. Click on Docs in your wealth portal.

2. Navigate to the Folders tab of the Docs area.

3. Go to the folder that matches the type of document you are looking for. For example,  a tax return would be found in the My Tax folder.

4. Select the folder and choose the team member that the document belongs to or the year the document was created.

5. In the documents tab, you will see all the documents with the pdf attachments that you can open and review

If you have a MGMT Plus Account:

You can view all your documents quickly and easily in the All Files tab in the Docs section. You will see the file name, the upload date and where it is currently stored.

Note: if you have a Money Basic account, you may have areas in the Docs section that you do not have access to.