How do I create & manage goals on desktop?

Select your device from below and follow the steps.

Goals can be set up and reviewed regularly. To set a goal in the portal, you must be a MGMT Plus holder as data feeds are pivotal in maintaining current account balances

To create a goal:

1. Click on the goals section.

2. Click + Create goal.

3. Choose the type of goal you would like to track


-Debt reduction

-Retirement plan


-Buy my first home

-Buy an investment property

-Upgrade my home

-Renovate my home

-Buy a lifestyle property

4. Click Next.

5. Create a name for your goal.

6. Link to a bank account, loan, credit card etc for tracking and current amount.

7. Set a target Amount from $0 onwards.

8. Enter the duration in years and months, and add the interest rate.

9. The Instalments will then be shown in fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly amounts

10. Click “Save”

Note: Once the goal has been created, you can edit to add a photo or image that represents that goal.

To edit/delete/complete a goal on desktop

When you reach your goal you can mark it as complete. Alternatively, you can adjust or delete your goals if your circumstances or priorities change.

To edit, delete or mark a goal as completed:

1. Click on the Goals section

2. Click Goals

3. Choose the goal that requires changes. The goal window will open.

4. You can now Mark as complete/Edit/Delete the goal as required by clicking on the top right of the page as required.

To Edit – you will complete your adjustments and click “Save”

To Delete or mark a goal as complete you will need to hit the “Confirm” button

Your adjustments will now be reflected in the Goals menu.